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It all began when a wanderer visited Goa and fell in love with the sea breeze .. the culture and ancient Portuguese villas. And that is what gave birth to a concept store called - ADHVAN

Adhvan is a Goa-based store that brings the term ‘contemporary’ into existence. Curated by Vikram Phadnis, a fashion designer.. Adhvan is a pivot that embraces art through different mediums or rather artistic productions.
We are defined based on the terms of our ideas and designs, a brew of culture and sophistication.

Our creator, Vikram Phadnis, is a very capable and respected multi-talented human being who has been in the film and fashion industry for the last 30 years. With his patent hard work and dedication towards the industry, Vikram has potentially become an earthling with magic on his fingertips. Hence, we were created in order to share our art with the world.

Here in Adhvan, you can find some of the gorgeously crafted Womenswear, Jewellery, Home Decor, Accessories, & Artefacts.
Our store is surrounded by nature and Goa’s ethical essence, which certainly brings out the best in us and our products.

When you are in Adhvan, all you can wish to do is enjoy the ambience and our beautifully designed Portuguese villa, stored with some of the extraordinary masterpieces, from all over the country.

Adhvan thrives on leveling up your aesthetics with elegance, grace, and charm. We help you finesse your culture and vogue with options you will find nowhere in the world.

So come in to ADHVAN someday and see what it has to offer to you!